Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy Saturday

I was dragged out of bed-- and then off the couch-- by my loving husband this morning to get dressed and go teach my class. I got there, got set up-- and then taught the three of eight that showed up. (We had fun, though; today we read a book called Big and Little and then we painted BIG pictures of BIG things on extra-large newsprint sheets taped to the walls, then drew SMALL pictures of SMALL things on small pieces of newsprint with crayons. Then since everyone was finished with those really early we got out the play dough.) One of my students obviously didn't feel well; I took him down to his mom. I also got to talk with a hyper but very talented student's mom while we cleaned up in the bathroom. She seemed really grateful for what I had to say, which made me feel good. I finished cleaning up, then headed down. Jeff and the girls had just got there because Emma had not wanted to get dressed, so they did not get to play at the park, we just went home. Then we had lunch, while Bridget, who had already eaten, went down for a nap.

I also ended up taking a nap, and then Jeff got me up again in time to get dressed up. We all piled in the car and went to Sears to get portraits done, family, the girls individually, and the girls together. When we got there we got the girls dressed while they played and watched Pinocchio. I was a little stressed but the woman who did the pictures is very good with kids (last time we had a guy who is not so good with kids, mine at least, and she came in at the end and got the best ones; this time we had her from the start.) The girls cooperated for the most part, especially Emma, and with only a few setbacks we were done. Emma and I wandered a bit and I was tempted by the 1/2 off fancy dresses and adorable play clothes which my girls don't need at all but which are SO CUTE, but resisted the temptation. (Jeff was proud of me.) Then we selected the ones to get (we had a coupon for a great deal; portrait sheets after the first 6 were only $2.99, and we got a Smile Saver Club membership for $4.99 instead of $19.99, which is great because next time we go in the sitting will be free, and then we got our choice of a free 10x13 wall print or a $4.99 featured special, one of three things which are usually $24.99 (we chose the special and got a collage one of the girls to go on the living room wall or maybe in their bedroom or the hall, we haven't decided.) (Pictures will be forthcoming in a few days.)

THEN we headed straight to my dad's house. He made dinner for my birthday (which is Monday); spaghetti with meat sauce, broccoli, strawberries, apriums, and garlic cheese toast. For dessert we had rhubarb pie (my favorite; I had requested it instead of cake) and ice cream. (Yes, we put candles in the pie and everyone sang.) Then, since they never did see my girls around their birthdays, we all three opened presents. Bridget got a lift-the-flap book and a stuffed monkey, Emma got a toy lion and four books, I got a Land's End tunic top and a swimsuit (this bottom and this top, in periwinkle; we have a tradition that every year for my birthday I pick out a few things from the Land's End catalog and my dad gives them to me, which suits me very well, no pun intended), and we got a kind of combined family gift of a giant beach towel and also three sets of matching silk pajamas, one for each of us, which my dad picked up in Chinatown on his most recent trip to San Fransisco, in sizes that should fit along about the fall or early winter. I tried on the swimsuit right away and I love it! I haven't had a new one in quite a while and my size has changed so it is much appreciated.

Then we came home, and I went online to type this, and now, very full and very tired, I am going to take a shower and go lay down, I think.


txmommy said...

very very cute suit!
Can't wait to see the pictures!

Guinevere Meadow said...

What a beautiful day!!

Can't wait to see the pics!