Monday, May 21, 2007

Birthday Dinner

We went to Outback for my birthday dinner (I'm 24 today.) It was very nice. Jeff got me a book that came out 4 days ago that I have wanted (the latest Falco book from Lindsey Davis.) I had thought my dad would get it for me but he forgot (he even forgot it was out!) So Jeff picked it up this morning while he ran errands with the kids and I slept. Then we went to Target.

We had our Family Evening (Not at Home because of the Special Occasion-- FENAHBOTSO?) tonight, and Jeff gave a lesson on manners, we did opening prayer and calendar and stuff at home and then the rest of the lesson in the car and at the restaurant. It was fun.

At Target we got conditioner, which I needed, and also some stuff for the girls (including training panties for Emma-- we decided to go gung-ho this week while Jeff still is home before he goes to work and train her the next few days.) Target is always fun. Then I dropped in Ralphs for a few things I needed (we're feeding the sister missionaries tomorrow night.) Then we came home and watched TLC's Family Matters programming; well I did, and the others were in and out between cleaning up the living room. All in all, a happy birthday!


JennL said...

Happy happy birthday my friend!!! And goodneses, you're practically still a kid yourself.... now I feel so old... LOL


Awesome Mom said...

Happy birthday!! Good luck with the potty training!!

txmommy said...

I remember 24! How fun.

Yes, the invitation actually said "sunday best" here in the bible belt we also have a moment of silent prayer after we pledge alligeance under God. Football games and YMCA sports etc start with prayer. It's very nice.

Suzanne said...

Happy belated Birthday! I haven't been online for a little while, so I'm sorry I missed it. It sounds like you had a nice day! :)