Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mountain Lion!

Right by my apartment-- okay, not right by, but pretty close, and only a block or so from the park I walked the girls to today.

I wasn't too worried; I heard about it from a neighbor as I was leaving (that's why those helicopters were circling incessantly for two hours!), but I figured if there was danger they would clear out the park or stop me from entering. And there wasn't, and they didn't. It did create a traffic snarl, though. My husband had to detour when he got off the freeway coming home. They still had the area roped off (for the prints, I suppose) when we got home after our errands tonight, about 10:20.

Of course, when a boy and girl, about 9 and 12, playing on the equipment overheard from somebody else in the park that they had brought in an Animal Control truck with a cage, they ran past me and the woman sitting next to me on the bench (who was their mother), yelling, "Bye, mom! We're going to go see the mountain lion! They've got a cage to catch it with!" Whereupon she jumped up and started vehemently (in Spanish) forbidding them to do anything of the sort. It was quite amusing; I remember the days when the chance to see a mountain lion would have seemed a grand adventure to me, too.

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