Saturday, July 29, 2006

Megan's Wedding

So, my sister (half-sister, same mom, whatever; we grew up like "whole" sisters, as I used to say) Megan got married. The wedding was nice; a little amusing (my sister didn't start crying until she got to the "I promise to be kind and forbearing" part of the vows, lol), a little sweet (they both looked just thrilled coming down the aisle), and they did this thing with salt that was... interesting. Apparently their church (First Christian Church of North Hollywood) has "open communion"; "anyone who wishes to do so may take communion, understanding that it is a symbol of God's grace and love" (or something to that effect.) I felt a little awkward being, as far as I could see, the only one in the church who refused the communion (my husband had taken a crying baby out and didn't return until the communion was done.) The usher looked a little surprised when he held the bread out to me and I shook my head and said, "No thanks," as quietly and politely as I could manage. But it was only a small moment of awkwardness, I'm pretty sure I wasn't taken for rude or anything. It's so hard to know what to do in those situations; the only thing I could think to do was just politely shake my head and quietly decline. It wasn't like the Catholic, Lutheran, or Episcopalian churches, where you can just not go up, so it was a little more difficult for me to know how to be polite. But I think I managed. And I remembered the conventions of when to stand and when to sit while the bride entered and the couple left, etc., so I thought I was doing pretty well, on the whole. Jeff noticed just as we sat down in the sanctuary that a yellow poopy diaper had leaked on his dark grey pants; oops. Luckily, I had a Tide To Go in my purse. Took it right off.

Afterwards, we had pictures, then proceeded to the reception hall (actually, I ran up with my sister and cousin to bustle her train first. It wasn't hard, it had a button and then just needed to be draped.)

Then we waited for food. And waited for food. And waited. Apparently she had hired her friend, who has catered parties before but never an event this big, and, well, he wasn't all that prepared. Oops. The tables never did get cleared away for dancing; Emma was the only one who danced (okay, I danced with her some), and she wore herself out dancing like crazy. Everyone was much amused. When the food finally came (it was wonderful, it just took a long time), she inhaled half of a large half chicken breast, some potatoes, and some zucchini, then climbed in Jeff's lap while chewing the last bite-- and promptly fell asleep! Megan had, at this point, changed into street clothes, needing a break from her very gorgeous but heavy dress. When the last tables finally got their food, people had already started leaving. Oh, well. Megan went and changed back into her dress, she and Reggie posed for pictures and they cut the first slice of cake and mushed it into each other's faces. Then there was a moment of milling confusion as Megan ducked out to wash the frosting off-- and everyone noticed that no one was cutting the cake. Since Megan had no maid of honor or bridesmaids, who would generally be in charge of the cake cutting and distribution, there was a bit of confusion as to what to do. Finally, I stepped up and said, "Here, someone get the plates out, and I'll cut the cake." Since no one objected, I got the job. Sharon, Megan's stepmother, looked like she would have volunteered if she wasn't unsure what to do with a wedding cake. Luckily, I've assisted in enough cake cuttings that I know what to do with a wedding cake and a cake server when I see them. She ventured, "Shall we cut from the bottom here so the top stays intact?" I knew the answer to this one! I swept the idea aside with a grand, "No, we have to take the top off first. Get me a fork, I'll get it off." I removed the orchids and berries from around the bottom of the top layer of the cake while a fork and plate were procured, then lifted the cake. Sharon tugged at the deeply embedded pillar support until it came out, and I set the top layer out, removed the cardboard piece and the next four pillar supports, and set to work. Within five minutes I had the entire middle layer and a third of the bottom cut and on plates (someone fetched more plates halfway or so through), and people swarmed the table to take them. Thank you, Heather (my sister in law), for showing me how to properly and efficiently cut a large layered wedding cake! My sister (half-sister, same mother, whatever) Erin said, "Wow, Anne, where did you learn to cut wedding cakes?" I said, "Oh, I've apprenticed at several receptions, you learn as you go." But everyone was really impressed and extremely appreciative, especially Megan, who thanked me over and over and was just so grateful that someone stepped in and took charge. I told her, "It was really no big deal." And it wasn't. But I do like to be useful, and I like it when people appreciate my skills, simple though they may be.

Anyway, we got home after 5 (after leaving home at a little after 10), ready to be in for the night. But it was worth it; hopefully, your sister's wedding only happens once (at least, hopefully only once for each sister.) I hope they're very happy together and get along as well as Jeff and I do. I love weddings as much as the next gal, and so I was glad to get to go, but even more, I love happy marriages, especially of people I love. Here's to love, may it always increase.


happy mommy said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. What great fortune that you were there and had "cake cutting" experience, LOL! Something like that always seems to happen at a wedding--gotta have something to tell everyone, I guess.
Here's to lots of love and laughter for your siser (half, whole or otherwise) and her new groom!

Kira Marx said...

Isn't Tide to Go awesome? They should put it in those new baby present baskets. Did you sing the song when you used it?

Your sister and brother-in-law look so happy! I think that skills like cake-cutting are so important, even if they aren't very much appreciated. You are a lady to you fingertips and you saved the day.