Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cabin Fever and Nursing Clothes

We've got cabin fever around here. It's been so hot, none of us can go out (except my husband to work.) We're a one-car family, so we're usually limited to doing what's in walking distance. When it's too hot to walk, we're stuck inside. Grrrr.

Emma puts on her shoes every day expecting to go out and play. I have to tell her, "No," and try to provide acceptable alternatives when I can (like water play standing by the bathtub full of cold water instead of her favorite outdoor water play with a bucket.) We're all grumpier for the lack of outside, I think; Bridget has been fussing for no discernible reason, I've been snappish for not getting my exercise, and Emma, who from the day she was born has longed for the outdoors, is on a wacky sleep (or lack thereof) schedule, throws fits twice as often as normal, and generally grumps around.

I've taken to calling my friend in Oklahoma when I can't bear it, since she's also a SAHM who is mostly at home with her kids, and she understands me well. We grok each other in fullness, and can have deeply satisfying conversations about everything and nothing. That's my saving grace right now. That and Netflix. I'm doing a lot of Lois and Clark Season 2 and Rosemary and Thyme, Series 2 right now (plus some Sesame Street stuff to keep in reserve for when I'm desperate.)

The heat is supposed to break somewhat this weekend. I pray it does. We need a break. I'm hoping that it stays reasonable for at least a couple of days so we can go to the library and maybe even the park and have some time away from this apartment. Also, my sister (well, half-sister, same mom) is getting married this Saturday. We have to get dressed up and all.

Speaking of dressing up, I have discovered this woman's wonderful clothes (she also has an ebay store where she sells items that have been gently used as opposed to new items on her site.) She takes regular clothing, and modifies it with nursing slits (she also sells the occasional gently used name-brand nursingwear in her ebay listings.) The prices are mostly very reasonable, she has great deals and sales (especially if you join her mailing list), and she's wonderful, kind, and personable when she writes to you. I bought one dress on ebay (a "best offer" was accepted), and upon receiving it promptly bought more. Some of the tops are a little unappealing to me, they remind me too much of WASPy women out doing their shopping with their makeup all perfect, but a lot of the dresses are just gorgeous, she carries a large range of sizes and styles, and she really does know her stuff; the nursing slits have been just right for me. For less than what you'd pay if you bought from Motherhood or Motherwear, you get a dress or top that is much more unique than the "same old-same old" nursing stuff that everyone seems to be wearing, and mostly people won't even know it's nursingwear unless they see you feeding baby in it. Awesome.


txmommy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, sounds like you have your hands full being stuck with no car and two little sweeties to entertain! Hope you get some cooler weather.

Awesome Mom said...

I also have an outdoor obsessed toddler and this heat wave has not been fun at all. Today was the first time I felt it was cool enough for him to be outside for any length of time. I hope that the weather changes soon!

Mean Mommy said...

How big are the nursing slits compared to the mainstream stuff? I've never had much luck with brand-name stuff. :) Thanks for the tip!

Anne/kq said...

The nursing slits are larger than the slits on the Motherwear stuff I have. They're good for us women who need *ahem* generous nursing slits. She lists the individual measurements for each garment, too, so I fit some things that she has listed as "medium", some "large", and some "extra large", depending on bust measurements and length.