Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'm weird.

This comes home to me several times a day right now.

I don't "nest" like most women do at the end of my pregnancy, typically; I do it now, at the end of the second/beginning of the third trimester, and it takes the form of buying lots of baby clothes and an urge to scrub the bathtubs and sinks out frequently.

I don't consider essential many things many parents do for their babies; we registered at Babies R Us and we won't have a crib, won't have an infant seat, won't have baby gates (well I suppose we might put up the one we got for the top of the stairs, and never put up), won't have plug covers, won't have a nursing cover (HATE), won't have a baby bathtub, won't have sooo many things (though I do have a breast pump and will have bottles this time, but not by choice; so that baby can be supplemented with colostrum during her too-jaundiced-to-nurse-effectively period, not formula)... On the other hand, I could NOT live without a ring sling with a newborn! And we did buy a cover for our mattress, since baby will be sleeping on it with us. (Yes, we're co-sleeping-- without a co-sleeper. Again.)

I know many women who have problems with high blood pressure while pregnant. I, on the other hand, have problems with LOW blood pressure.

In all, some of these things are out of my control; some are choices I make. Some I am proud of, some I don't care, some I would change if I could. In the end, I'm glad my family loves me as I am, and I think that the world would be a better place if there was sometimes less expectation of "normality..."

(Ask me sometime about the Naked School of Socialism if you want a laugh, though. ;) )


breyerchic04 said...

why no plug covers (I understand everything else)

Brittany Calkins said...

I googled Radian XTSL pictures and found your blog! You are amazing! I am looking to purchase one of these for my daughter so I can keep her rear facing as long as possible! She is a very tall baby and I know she will be a tall little girl.

I am a BYU grad in public health and safety and am looking to become a CPST! Thanks for your blog!!

Anne/kq said...

Plug covers to me are a shortcut. Parents often get dependent on them, and then what happens when you're in a place that doesn't have them? Many parents then spend much time pulling kids away from sockets. We prefer to teach our kids EARLY on (as soon as they start crawling around) NEVER to touch sockets. It's worked well for us so far.

Brittany, thank you, and good luck!

breyerchic04 said...

Ok that makes sense. And like I said, I got the rest of it, so I don't think you're that weird.

Of course I'm totally going to be a babywearing co-sleeping cloth diaperer when I have kids.