Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Job And Assorted Other Stuff

Jeff has officially accepted a new job. It's a good one-- good pay, good hours, not too long of a commute, doing something he likes. Yay for Jeff!

He should start next Monday. So we're running around doing anything we need to before he starts!

I have my CPST kit together and have done a few checks (at a safety fair and I also do private checks.) It's a great kit. I'll take pics some time. :D

We've had a crop of babies in our ward, well, will soon is more accurate. So we've had a bunch of baby showers. I love baby showers. There was one a few weeks ago, another in a few weeks, and I've volunteered to throw one for a mom I've made friends with (they're new in the ward.) It's her second boy in rapid succession so we're planning it for the month AFTER the baby is due, as a "meet the baby party." So we can all take her kids and give her a break, and do something nice for her at the same time. (I offered her a shower and she wasn't sure, I brought up that idea and she liked it a lot more.)

So of course I've also been hitting sales and SHOPPING for baby shower gifts. That's my favorite...

Emma is FINALLY getting her dental work done in a few weeks. She is excited-- we found a new dentist that she REALLY REALLY likes (their office is FULL of toys, why would she not?)

I had a good birthday. I guess. Am I really 26?

Anyway, things are pretty good right now. Relatively speaking. I hope they continue to be so.


Awesome Mom said...

I had been wondering about you, I am glad that things are looking up and I hope they stay that way.

Becky Jacob said...

Hi there-
Found your post on the car seat board and am wondering what seats you're using so that you can fit them into an 03 sentra - we may have to do that soon and not sure what to get for #3. thanks!