Monday, July 14, 2008


Rayann and her kids are coming tomorrow afternoon!

I'm so excited! The reservations are made, Disneyland tickets bought, loose schedule and dinner menus worked out... Hooray!

Tomorrow we're going to rent a van (there will be 11 of us total, 10 without Jeff along, 5 kids in carseats), put the carseats in, pick them up, and go see Rayann's uncle in Palm Springs. Later this week we're shopping (thrift store, using my Gymbucks, and getting advance souvenirs from Disneyland at the Disney Store, where they're cheaper), going to IKEA, going to the beach, having a little poolside hangout with the Meeses from Hatrack, seeing our friend Rivka (also from Hatrack), but not in that order, and going to the ward chili cookoff; next week we're doing Disneyland before she goes home next Tuesday. Squee! A whole week! Of course, when it's the once a year you see your best friend it's never long enough... But we'll enjoy ourselves. Emma is VERY excited.

Did I mention, SQUEE!!!???

Oh, and I probably won't be around teh interwebnet much this week. For obvious reasons. ;)


txmommy said...

sounds like so much fu n!

Guinevere Meadow said...

That's a lot of great reasons for SQUEEing! Have a great time and enjoy your family and friends!