Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy Fourth of July, readers!

We hit the thrift store this morning for a 1/2 off everything in the store sale, yay. Got an end table, clothes, movies, and toys for the kids, items to sell. Fun times.

Also went to dinner; on the way back, saw a ton of fireworks (we managed to catch parts of about 5 shows while on the freeway, then when we got off, turned and sat on Apperson for a while and caught the bulk of the show at CVHS. Emma had fun, but Bridey LOVED the fireworks! She said, "Look! Look! The fire! The flower! The pretty! Look!" Over and over again she said it. :D She was just totally thrilled by the fireworks. It was a great spot to view them, too! I tried to explain to Emma why we have fireworks on Independence Day but she was too distracted to listen; I'll try again sometime in the next few days. (I also tried to get her to sing a different patriotic song besides "You're a Grand Old Flag", which I am decidedly NOT fond of and which she learned in preschool, but no dice. She shot down "America the Beautiful", which is probably my favorite, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", and "My Country, 'Tis of Thee." She just wasn't in the mood, it seems. Well, except when I got sarcastic and said if she HAD to sing a patriotic song, "how about "God Save the Queen?" She wanted to know how that went and actually showed some interest. Of course. Note to self: sarcasm backfires with this one.)

Then we hit the grocery store, we had to get some more bread and some Tylenol and cereal and things like that. I am annoyed that Ralphs no longer doubles coupons the same way (but still advertise their policy the same way.) So we went to Vons because the sales on things we needed were better this week and now that Ralphs has a stinky policy their coupon doubling policy is the same, and Vons has the store-brand rapid release acetominophen that work EXACTLY the same as the rapid-release extra strength Tylenol but are way cheaper (and even on sale this week.) Then we came home and the kids pretty much crashed! Us, too! Tomorrow morning we're going to my dad's for breakfast since Jilly and Craig are in town, so it's nice that the kids went down fairly early (compared to what they sometimes do.) Though I think we're going to sleep in anyway, get up at 9, and the kids just go in jammies (and Jeff and I throw on some loungewear.)

Anyway, hope you all had a great Independence Day!

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