Monday, June 16, 2008

I so wish I could take advantage of this...

All my kids are napping at once. And I can't sleep 'cause I'm in too much pain!

Ems and Bridey fell asleep on my bed watching Sesame Street. Maggie is out here with me, also asleep.

But my cheek still hurts, even though I just took my Tylenol 1/2 an hour ago. See, I got my wisdom teeth on my right side out on Thursday. And my jaw is killing me. I went and got them checked this morning (we went to my dad's, Ems and Bridey stayed with Grandma Sheri and Grandma Ronnie-- their great-grandma, who is in town right now-- while my dad took Maggie and me. Afterward we went to SunThrift and I got cool stuffage (clothes for the older two, Sesame Street play quilt for Maggie, a few things for eBay-- yes I think I'm starting back up there soon unless I can find somewhere better to sell) and then he took us home-- did I mention that I got three carseats in the back of his 1988 Corolla, a Cosco High Back Booster (with harness) for Bridey, Emma in the center in her extra Radian that lives in his car for picking her up from preschool, and Maggie in a SnugRide with no base? Anyway, I digress...) But the check-up re-hurt my jaw, which had been starting to feel so much better. Wah. I get my sutures out on Thursday, hopefully by next week I'll be back to normal. I'm sick of not being able to chew properly! I was conscious for the extraction, btw. Did you know that when they pull a tooth out, it sounds crunchy, like potato chips? Also, another one to add to my list of weird drug reactions: Novacaine gives me tremors. Nothing else, and it didn't impede me getting the work done, just gives me tremors. Also, I metabolize it very rapidly. She used about 3 times as much as she planned to, used all her extra she had out and had to have the assistant go get more, because it kept wearing off. And she didn't take that long, I just metabolize it quickly. I kept my teeth, btw. The assistant thought I am a bit strange. I think they're cool, and fascinating. The roots are all curved, and you can see the flat surface where the impacted one grew into the tooth next to it (and the cavities in it; I had to get a surface fill of the cavities that were forming in the tooth next door, as well.) I'm tempted to do something cool with them. Earrings? Or drop them in Coke and see if they dissolve... I also have to be on penicillin. I hate penicillin. Loathe it. It hurts my tummy; both if I take it on an empty stomach (or if my stomach gets empty while it's in there), and later on in the digestive tract, lower down... Yeah. I despise taking almost all antibiotics for this reason. But better safe than sorry, and at least it's cheap.

(About the not posting the last month-- sorry. I have been super-busy and have photos of most of it, but I have been too tired to edit and post them. I basically have a bunch of photos and stuff written that I'll publish when I feel up to it, hopefully soon. So, yeah...)

P.S.-- Rayann (Boon from Hatrack) is coming next month to see us! w00t! I am so excited! She is like my bestest friend EVER. I can't wait for us to meet each others' babies. And go to Disneyland. And the beach. And shopping at Sun Thrift and IKEA. And... :D


Jennifer Swanepoel said...

I have to get my wisdom teeth out, too, but I've been putting it off.


Mean Mommy said...

I was conscious for my extraction too. Not so much fun. And they yank HARD.