Monday, September 03, 2007

Sooooo hot.

The last four or five days have been sweltering. I'm talking 113-120 degrees F. Even at night it's not cooling down like it usually does. And of course, the air a church has not been working properly. I went for Sacrament meeting and then had to come home (Bridget's nap time anyway) because between the nausea and the heat, I almost passed out in the bathroom.

Emma apparently told one of my friends that "the baby in Mommy's tummy made her feel sick." Hmmm, I may not HAVE to figure out how to break it to my dad and Sheri (they're coming over tonight for a Labor Day barbecue-- they have no a/c on the first floor of their house, and the swamp cooler is not working, so they're bringing the food they are feeding us over here and will grill the steaks and corn they're bringing on the big community grill out by the pool, then we will go swimming.)

I get pregnancy symptoms REALLY EARLY. I'm about 2.5 weeks past ovulation, and I've been sick about 2 weeks. I'm talking "morning" sickness (not necessarily in the mornings only!), dizziness, food aversions, cravings, severe fatigue, chestal swelling and soreness (already my nursing bras don't fit right, grrr), frequent urination, swollen feet, mood swings, crying at commercials, and general snappiness. Also, salty food tastes way more salty and sweet food tastes overly sweet. Luckily, instead of craving junk food this time (how I gained almost 60 lbs. with Bridget), I seem to be craving fresh fruits and veggies, salads, and whole grains. For instance, the other day I went to the store thinking I wanted chips and dip-- and ended up gagging at the sight of chips and dip, and getting 12-grain crackers and soft cheese with herbs and garlic (pasteurized, of course) to dip them in. I may have a repeat of some of my Indian food cravings I had with Emma, though, and man am I going to miss the Lebanese grill we loved in Richardson this pregnancy. I am also trying very hard to drink water before and after I eat-- this seems to make me less hungry and more satisfied, and helps with some of the "morning" sickness as well. It is looking more and more like I have a window from about 3 PM to 10 PM wherein I can eat, as long as I do it carefully, without losing anything I get down. Hooray! I do, however, have heartburn during that time. Grrr. But I am hoping my weight gain will be more sensible this time, considering I started with 18 extra pounds to begin with. *sigh*

Also-- and this is the saddest part-- ketchup does not make me gag, but it does seem to give me heartburn. I am having to severely limit it. Wah!

Well, I have to go make some mango sorbet for tonight. We were going to make home-made ice cream but I gagged at the thought of all that fat and sugar, and decided to make sorbet instead. Hey, at least the kid's keeping me straight on my diet!


Guinevere Meadow said...

How lucky you are, to be craving healthy foods!!

I've been trying to improve my diet, add more fruits and veggies, and to my surprise, the more healthy stuff I eat, the less junk I crave.

I've got three bags of potato chips in the pantry. I've barely touched them. Go me!!!

But anyhoo. I'm so happy for you about this pregnancy and praying that you and baby will be happy and healthy!!

mamasmotives said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I get symptoms very early too, makes for an extra long pregnancy!