Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Flybaby Giveaway!

If you like giveaways head on over to Growing a Life where the ever-adorable Flybaby is going to be giving away some great gifts (some for kids his size or who will be his size, some that big people will enjoy, too!)

(Now, I think his mommy, Damselfly, is helping a bit, but that's just me. Don't tell Flybaby 'cause I don't want to hurt his feelings! ;) )

Happy birthday to Flybaby from the Ketchup Family!


Jennifer Swanepoel said...

Good luck to you! (I'm not entering because Damselfly and I are real-life friends, and we swap stuff back and forth all the time! lol! We're going to the mall together tomorrow. Lance and Flybaby get along great!)

Damselfly said...

Good luck!