Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Generous of Spirit

Emma very occasionally has a problem sharing now that she is 3. But usually, she is very generous about sharing and giving.

A while back we mentioned that her cousin Jaden was going to be turning 3. (It was this Sunday.) Emma said, "I will get her a birfday pwesent." I said, "Will you buy it yourself?" "Yes, I will work and buy it." So she has been doing extra helping and extra chores to earn quarters. She earned five so I took her to the dollar store and she picked out a present herself, and paid for it herself, with money she earned. She was very happy.

Tomorrow I am going to pack it up, with our gift and card, and send it (it would be today but I accidentally left it in the car.)

I'm kinda proud of the kid. She didn't want to choose it and have us pay for it, she wanted to work and earn the money herself, not to get something for her, but for her cousin.


Awesome Mom said...

Good for you for encouraging her to be generous.

Dawnyel said...

WOW! She's only three?? I wish my son had that kind of sharing spirit with him!

Guinevere Meadow said...

What a little sweetie!!!

Thanks for your advice. It's been my experience when it's God's will for me to do something, I have no doubt about it. But I've been going back and forth for WEEKS on this one! Another friend of mine said, "guilt isn't from God," which is true, God is not a God of confusion, but He *will* cause us to have second thoughts and consider carefully our decisions. I liked how you put it- "stupor of thought." That describes very well what I'm feeling!!

Suzanne said...

You are such a great mom, Anne! What a wonderful lesson to teach your daughter and look how happy it made her! :D

mcewen said...

She seems to have a thoroughly commendable set of values already.
Best wishes