Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hatrack Madness at IKEA!

Last night we had the honor and fun of making another Jatraquero Real. Actually, I thought that erosomniac was Real before, but apparently not. In any case, he became Instantly Real when he got together with us and the Meeses for dinner and chitchat and watching adorable children playing at IKEA Burbank. (eros is a very cool guy. He sent Ems a gumball machine, just 'cause he could.)

We had a fun dinner-- I pushed a round table up against a bench table so we could all sit together, something I have a feeling the IKEA workers weren't totally thrilled with, but they didn't stop me-- and I got to sit next to Mooselet. He told me several very cute stories, short and long, and proved that he is better at math than I am. I told a story, too, which Superstation later told back to me with a few changes. (At least, I am pretty sure that's what he was telling me. For someone who wasn't talking a few months ago, that kid sure can talk up a storm!) After dinner the kids all ran rampant in the toy area. It was really cool to go someplace where we could chat while they all ran around like crazy with no repercussions (well, as long as they didn't grab other kids' toys or shove.) I know I've been craving that kind of adult contact, it's nice to get it once in a while without worrying constantly about your kids' behavior (although I must say, the Moose clan has some most excellently behaved sons, and our girls aren't total terrors in public, either.)

Now I'm really looking forward to next month's shinda! I love getting together with other Jatraqueros.

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