Sunday, November 25, 2012

Emma's Baptism and Katie Sue's Blessing...

...were last weekend. I fail at blogging. *hangs head in shame* They were both very special, though. Emma's baptism was awesome, and she is taking it very seriously. What a special day! So many friends and family came, that was wonderful. A picture from before:
Family photo after:
And here's a picture of Katie Sue in the family christening gown:
All changed after:
The major points of her blessing were: -name by which she shall be known is Katherine Susanna -may she continue to grow both physically and spiritually -may she be married in the Temple to a worthy Priesthood holder -her Father in Heaven expects great things of her -may she turn to Him throughout her life for comfort and strength. It was very sweet and Jeff didn't seem at all nervous as he did the first few times, though apparently he teared up (I didn't really notice.) It was special, as always. :) And since we also had Thanksgiving this week, I'll just throw in a Thanksgiving photo of the girls:
And a family photo, also from Thanksgiving:
(Those never turn out with everyone smiling at the same time... We took three, that one has the good shots of the MOST people, though Emma's good shot was the one before. How it goes, I guess. Sigh.) Now, on we plug toward Christmas... My most stressful time of year.

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