Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And it's a...


Yep, we'll be having a fourth girl join us probably in late December (maybe early January if she wants to annoy her Abba. ;) ) She is healthy and whole and developing well. I'm very excited. :D

I have a notch on my placenta, which apparently puts me at higher risk for high blood pressure later in the pregnancy. Normally Dr. Devore would recommend a regimen of daily baby asprin, but I have asthma so it's contraindicated. So, just have to live healthy, I guess. Since I'm trying to do that anyway (and losing weight so far!) it hopefully won't be a problem.

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Awesome Mom said...

Congrats!!!! I came from a family of four girls and I am totally normal *twitch*

I have a feeling that when our number four comes along it will be another boy.