Monday, March 29, 2010

A very sad cat song, by Bridget

Bridget likes to sing very long, storytelling ballad type songs that she makes up on the spot. She sang one tonight that was particularly sad. It even had a sad melody-- kind of minor, ending each verse with a note that didn't resolve the tension. Kind of like "Fair and Tender Ladies," if you know that one. And it just got sadder and sadder.

It went like this, as best as I can remember it:

There was a cat, she was hungry,
She went looking for her food.
There was no food in her bowl,
So she couldn't eat and she was hungry.

She tried to open her food,
But she didn't know how,
So her food stayed closed,
And she couldn't eat it.

Then the man came,
He said her food was outside,
He said to come get her food.
She slipped going out of the house.

She slipped going out of the house,
And she fell in the mud.
The little girl kitten was covered in mud,
So the man wouldn't feed her.

Then the policeman came,
He was taking kittens in a firefighter truck,
He took the cat into the truck,
And he took her to jail.

The little girl cat cried in jail,
Because she was locked up,
She was in jail,
And they didn't give her any food either.

Then the cat cried and cried,
She cried for her daddy,
But he wasn't there.
Only her mommy was there.

Her mommy was mad that she was in jail,
So she wouldn't let the little girl cat out,
And she wouldn't give her any food,
And the little cat sat and cried. Meow! Meow!

Depressing, huh? After each verse I'd say "How sad!" And Bridget would say, "Yeah, it's a sad song!" Then she'd burst out laughing, then continue. Silly child. Now she's running around pretending to be Thomas the Tank Engine with Maggie.

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