Monday, December 03, 2007

Good Grief (or, if that's fat, I don't want to know what I am)

Okay. So apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt was photographed in a bikini, and people started calling her "fat" around the internet. They were making fun of her rear, thighs, etc. She responded that she's happy with her body.

WHY SHOULDN'T SHE BE? Good grief, the woman has a wonderful body! (Here is a link to the picture, with very unkind caption, for those of you who are interested. Warning: some language, especially if you click the picture to get the rear view.) I would LOVE to have that body! What the heck are they thinking? The woman is SKINNY! So she has a bit of stuff in the rear, and some thighs. They're still smaller than mine! Sure, her choice of swimsuit could be more flattering. But she looks better in a swimsuit than I ever will, rear-end fat notwithstanding.

People who think JLH is fat: you're crazy, and possibly sick. Would YOU look that good in a bikini or out of it?


Awesome Mom said...

People are so hateful.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Geez Louise. I think she looks fabulous there!