Monday, July 09, 2007

A new place to live-- an answer to prayer!

You all may have seen me complaining about this apartment and the troubles we have with it and the landlord and such. Well, we're moving.

I'll be further from the park and Sun Thrift (although closer to another park and the library), and we'll have to work out a way to get Emma to and from preschool, but we will figure something out. It is in our ward still (important because it provides a sense of stability to Emma), only a few blocks from my dad's house, has a pool, gated entry, underground parking, two bathrooms, and is just a nicer place to live. We will only be paying about $250 more per month-- within our budget-- we won't be paying an illegal water bill or a sewage bill, and we will be able to start moving stuff in a few days. They're not even charging us a full month's rent as a deposit, or a pet deposit for the cats.

We're giving our thirty days' notice today. (Or maybe Wed., when we sign the lease.)

I've got mixed feelings. I'm not thrilled about moving so far from Emma's preschool that she has to go all day, but I think we will both adjust. And you can't put a price on feeling safe in your home. (We will NOT be giving CPS our new address!)

We have been praying for a new place to live, and this is just an answer to our prayers. We are excited to be moving!


Awesome Mom said...

Why on earth is CPS bugging you? Did I miss something?

Anne/kq said...

Oh, it's a long story. You can e-mail to hear the whole thing...

CareBearMommy said...

Although I don't know the problems you've had at your current apartment, I'm happy that you have found a new place to live. Good luck with the move, and I hope it goes smoothly. We just went through a big move less than two months ago, and although the move itself was stressful, it's the best decision we could have made. I hope the same goes for you.